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With leadfrms you can be a gamification whisperer, form wizard, SMS message geek, marketing hero and strategy guru.

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We truly care about your audience

leadfrms automatically analyses your audience and constantly learns from those who matter most to you.
Every single individual in your audience are tagged to optimize their experience throughout your campaigns.

Gamification made easy

Use Gamification to reach your audience and activate them in the best way possible.

Our Gamification platform is optimized to drive more sales and build better and more loyal audiences for your business.

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Survey tool at a glance

Use our easy-to-use Survey Tool to capture the voices, opinions and ideas out there. Get to know the wishes of the people who matter most to you.

Imagine being inside the head of every single person in your audience. Know their thoughts, opinions, ideas and wishes.

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SMS marketing

Get a 98% opening rate of your marketing campaigns. Upgrade from email marketing to SMS marketing and experience the power of real audience engagement

leadfrms helps you wash your audience and leave out inactive and omit those who are not part of your committed audience. And save the money.

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Whatever you're doing,
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Whatever you're new to leadfrms. Gamification, Survey Tools or SMS Marketing in general. Or maybe you got some questions in relation to the PRO and PRO+ features you'll get access to if upgrading your plan? Never hesitate. Reach out.