About leadfrms

"I love to disrupt business models which needs to or can be done in another and smarter way. Gamification, surveys and SMS marketing are the focal point in leadfrms." leadfrms is a project by Christoffer Steenbeck

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"I am a web developer, part time webshop owner and I love to develop and disrupt business models which needs to or can be done in another and smarter way. I've started a few webshops during my time as an entrepreneur. Some grew big and was sold and others grew out of my hands and I had to resign."

Why leadfrms?

"As a web developer, marketer, stock boy and all the other fancy titles I've had throughout the time - I've for sure become acquainted with quite many daily routines. Daily routines are obviously also about customer service and lead generation. Just to mention a few."

"When it comes to great customer service, an ever recurring topic is how to get the informations in order to be able to become proactive in the way we communicate. That is done using leadfrms… Use leadfrms to ask the right questions to your audience and get priceless information in return."

"When thinking about sales, which is often the wanted obvious derivative effect of an incoming lead - it's also often a hassle to keep them coming in a steady flow. Whatever the leads are meant for in your business - that being cold canvas, newsletter or maybe SMS marketing they're needed in some way to make a business run. Gamification is all about getting leads to your business. Use leadfrms to empower your business with gamification and increase your audience engagement."

"There's quite some apps out there which does hold some of the features required to grow and engage with your audience. But an app which covers all aspects of a successful marketing engine was still the missing link in my opinion. That's why I developed leadfrms."

Why a free plan?

""Thinking of my former experience growing audiences and engage with them afterwards combined with tons of hours in front of the computer led me to today. I had the experience, I knew how to code and why not let other benefit from this as well? This led to the leadfrms idea. I love to challenge what can be done by code, freeing up resources and time. In the end I want to empower business owners, marketers and others who are in the 'lead generation game'."

"Join me on my quest for better gamification features, audience growth hacking and the subsequent audience engagement and retention. My overall goal is to improve the empowerment of other business owners out there. I see absolutely no idea of making tools for gamification, surveys and text marketing complicated."

"I would love to have you onboard!"