Image puzzle campaign

An Image Puzzle campaign is a great way to engange with your audience. Don't we all love a good puzzle?

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Don’t we all remember a good puzzle from our childhood? Puzzles are exciting, fun and challenging for your audience. It will challenge their ability to figure out how things fit together.

Your puzzle could be with offset in a new product you’re about to launch, your logo, your office or any other image which holds some important content or message.

Gamify your marketing with a puzzle. Using the leadfrms gamification campaign builder you might even be able to setup a puzzle campaign with your eyes shut. Simply upload an image of your liking and select how many pieces your puzzle should be divided into. And your puzzle campaign is ready to go live.

The leadfrms puzzle will for sure entertain your audience while helping you build loyalty among your target audience. A puzzle provides lots of new sign-ups which may be targeted through remarketing, email, SMS marketing and much more.

A leadfrms puzzle is a brilliant way to promote specific products, messages or any other important content.

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